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I teamed up with my long time friend and frat brother, Duane Porter to come up with some possible solutions to aid in stopping the violence in Chicago. Our proposed solution for dealing with some of the ills that plague our Chicago communities is the creation of a "Partnership of Peace" with our community and faith based organizations, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and businesses. This plan is far more extensive than what is presented here but this is just the premise of what we think may…Read more

Thanks to Al B Sylk & WGCI for Playing Senior Class "Finding You' Feat. Russoul 

If you don't know now you know that producer Emilio Bucks and myself have formed an alliance in the form of Senior Class. We just want to bring some grown folks hip hop music to the game and we were fortunate enough to have a meeting with WGCI Music Director, Al B. Sylk.  We played him our joint "Finding You" feat. Russoul (Another Chitown Artist), and he apparently liked it. 

We were fortunate enough to have the song played on 107.5 WGCI and we received a good response. We just want to give a sincere thank…Read more

Starting 2014 With a Bang! Song Placement! 

As any musician will tell  you, we always want the opportunity to express our talents and be paid for them at the same time. I'm happy to report that 2014 has started out on the right foot of even the left foot if you prefer that one. P5Audio, a fantastic artist by the name of Djoir Jordan, and myself were blessed enough to have a song we wrote called, "Party Rockin'" placed in the trailer for the "Best Night Ever." It's a good start. Let's Get It Let's Go!

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First Single Released from DEMOS Documentary Soundtrack: Skyzoo & Torae Bring You "The Get Up"  

What's Good Party People!

So you know we have been hard at work over with DEMOS. Whether it's the movie, the web-series, and now the soundtrack, our team is working to give you a quality product that hopefully influences, inspires, and motivates you to give the best DEMONSTRATION of you. Besides, a DEMO is nothing but a brief representation of who you are. It is your choice who you are or decide to be. With that being said, check out the latest news from DEMOS. 


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DEMOS Web Series Serves as Precursor to Movie Release 

What's good party people! If you don't know, now you know that we are just about ready to release DEMOS Documentary to the world. Kareem Fort and I have been traveling around the US screening to film to various audiences and the response has been overwhelming! Our first screening went down at The Grammy Museum during Grammy Week so that was a hell of a way to kick off this new journey.  We can't wait for everybody to see this film but for now enjoy Episoode 1 of the DEMOS Web Series. 

Now we have linked up…Read more

The Official DEMOS Documentary Trailer is Here! 

Some of you may not know and I believe most of you do that I have been working on a documentary film called DEMOS for the last two years. The film is the brainchild of my partner in crime and Executive Producer/Director, Kareem Fort. He recruited me to write and co-producer the film and I was honored to jump on board to help out in whatever way I could.  Along with Kevin Nottingham, Soul Wallace, Kelli Jones, Dae One, Big Dho, Dwayne Johnson, Reggie "Nobody Famous" Perry, and a host of others, this thing…Read more

Who Said Getting F'd Up Can't Make You Happy!?  

People always ask me how come I seem so happy because I'm usually smiling, laughing, joking, or just seem to be having a good day. I usually tell them it's because I chooseto be happy.  Happiness is definitely a choice but the more I think about it, it's a choice I make because I can't lie, I tend to stay F'd up on a regular basis.  Now before you start organizing an intervention for me, let me exlpain what I mean about staying F'd Up!  I'm no preacher or I'm in no way qualified to tell anyone how to live…