The Official DEMOS Documentary Trailer is Here!

Some of you may not know and I believe most of you do that I have been working on a documentary film called DEMOS for the last two years. The film is the brainchild of my partner in crime and…

Who Said Getting F'd Up Can't Make You Happy!? 

People always ask me how come I seem so happy because I'm usually smiling, laughing, joking, or just seem to be having a good day. I usually tell them it's because I chooseto be happy.  Happiness is definitely a choice…

Classic Music is Back @TheThrowbackLA 

Classic Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Reggae & all things Musically Dope!

Open Vodka & Wine Bar!

Brought to you by DJ Mark One of Cypher Lounge Radio
Hosted By - Hassahn Phenomenon and Dasha, The Divine Divah


Stop the Violence -Possible Solutions

First and foremost, I'm saddened, frustrated, and completely sickened by the violence going on in Chicago and the world for that matter but right now I just want to focus on Chicago because it is the city that raised me…

Bitch Bad Sends a Powerful Message

 I always thought Lupe was a talented artist but to be honest, he is not one of my favorites.  But I must say that I'm highly impressed with his song and video and must give credit where credit is due…

Because You Requested The Lyrics to The Good Life 

Posting the lyrics to "The Good Life" for JabbaWockee1000 just becasue you requested it 

 Let’s get this party started,
This how it’s going down
In every big city,
In each and every town