I teamed up with my long time friend and frat brother, Duane Porter to come up with some possible solutions to aid in stopping the violence in Chicago. Our proposed solution for dealing with some of the ills that plague our Chicago communities is the creation of a "Partnership of Peace" with our community and faith based organizations, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and businesses. This plan is far more extensive than what is presented here but this is just the premise of what we think may work.  By building the community, we also build hope, self-love, and opportunity in the form of jobs and resources. 
Introducing the 4-part plan for the P.A.R.T.N.E.R.S.H.I.P. O.F. P.E.A.C.E.
1. Establish collaboration between our community and our educational institutions
  • P - Prepare children at all grade levels to handle Conflict Resolution by including it as part of the curriculum
  • A - Allow those in our community with stories of trial, triumph, and tragedy to share with targeted students monthly
  • R - Require community and faith based organizations to serve neighbors while mentoring students and parents/guardians.
  • T - Train students in governmental process by requires candidates to include students in their campaign
  • N - Nominate, celebrate, and compensate communities that serve as extraordinary example in the city
  • E - Expand staff and resources for after school programs
  • R - Reward teachers with increased salary and free tuition for their children
2. Engage companies to come alongside and improve the condition of communities
  • S - Service abandoned buildings to be used for round-the-clock usage as Chicago Solution centers and shelters
  • H - Have abandoned lots to be reused re-purposed as fresh food gardens and markets
  • I - Install Internet Sites for each Chicago community to serve as the source of communication for all community happenings
  • P - Persuade businesses and residents to invest in the betterment of their community by financing these Chicago Solution centers, shelters, training, and jobs
3. Encourage companies committed to community with incentives and opportunities
  • O - Offer tax breaks and incentives to companies that recruit, hire, and reside in urban communities
  • F - Financially reward companies that train and hire reformed felons with governmental stipends
4. Ensure the safety and security of our communities
  • P - Provide surveillance and satellite technology to capture any outdoor criminal activity (Not in people's homes)
  • E - Enlarge police and volunteer presence in high crime communities in the evening
  • A - Align police officers and community residents by requiring all trainees to attend community and block club meetings
  • C - Compensate police officers serving in high crime communities with increased pay and free tuition for students
  • E - Encourage community residents to do community service with tax breaks and incentives

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