The lines, "Married to the music, its useless, I'm monogamous," pretty much say it all. With a fierce and undying passion for his craft, Hassahn Phenomenon breathes a fresh breath of life into the asthmatic world of music. Combining all the elements it truly takes to move the crowd, this Chicago emcee is on a path to transcend what is considered to be hip-hop. Staying true to him, Hassahn's music is a reflection of everyday life as he spells it out in his song “The Struggle,” when he says, “In every word I recite, I breathe my life through this mic.” Known to many as simply, HP, he has done exactly that as he has brought new life and energy to the game with his debut release, “Pressure.”  Captilizing off the success of Pressure, Hassahn has hooked back up with long time Producer Emilio Bucks as they form the new tandem entitled SENIOR CLASS.   Stay tuned for their debut release "Life Moves Pretty Fast." Whether he is exhibiting his lyrical prowess, scripting an awe-inspiring performance, hosting his radio show, or giving back to his community through is S.O.U.L Writing Seminar, Hassahn is the prototype for what all entertainers should strive to be.

Legendary emcee, Rakim once said that, “MC stands for Move the Crowd.” This is the statement that HP lives by. Whether it is making you think, cry, laugh, stand up, or just making you dance, the Phenomenon is brilliant at capturing the essence of the moment. Following in the footsteps of his idol, Michael Jackson, this impeccable lyricist and performer moves the crowd in a way that transcends race, gender, and creed. It is that desire that has led HP to grace many stages around the country, from the world famous Temple Bar in LA to the BET Soundstage in Orlando. He has performed on stage with the likes of Common, Ludacris, KRS One, Dave Chappelle, Tony Rock and a host of others. His accomplishments are endless. He has a song featured in the major motion picture, American Reunion as well as Redline and a few independent movies as well. Not focusing on the big screen alone, he has also placed songs on major television networks such as ABC, Fox, NBC, HBO, Spike TV, and the CW Network. With a ferocious pen game, he lends his writing skills to several artists including the legendary group Jodeci, as he wrote a song for their highly anticipated new album. Not only that, HP has secured a sponsorship with Roaring Lion Energy Drink and he is also the host and co-founder of Cypher Lounge Radio. This Chitown wordsmith, has secured partnerships with clothing companies, ring tone companies, and he has been featured in several entertainment publications, ranging from, True Magazine, to the Chicago Tribune’s Red Eye. HP is also the writer and co-producer of the upcoming documentary film, DEMOS, which features Talib Kweli, NoID, Needlz, DJ Quik, Marley Marl, Naughty By Nature and a host of others.Not only that, HP also co-authored the book "The Soulful Parent," alongside, Dr. Kerby T. Alvy PhD. in an effort to aid Black familes in raising their children in today's society.  Hassahn’s accomplishments are truly synonymous with his name in that they are truly “Phenomenal.” His buzz, talent, and pure charisma can only be matched by his undying passion to "Move The Crowd" while changing the world in the process. Also, as a member of the creative department for the Ubuntu Global Village Dream Team, Hassahn truly embodies their message of, “I am Because We Are.”

And he is on a vigorous pursuit to satisfy his aforementioned passion. Hassahn is putting “Pressure” on the industry and society to change its focus and let hip-hop breathe once again. When you hear the words, "With every word I recite, I breathe my life through this mic," then and only then, you will have witnessed a true PHENOMENON.